1GR-FE Engine TOYOTA Landcruiser prado 2008 CBA-GRJ120W 1900031A21

Condition Used
Model Landcruiser prado
Product Name 1GR-FE Engine TOYOTA Landcruiser prado 2008 CBA-GRJ120W 1900031A21
Model Code CBA-GRJ120W
Reg. Year/month 2008/12
Mileage 57570
Mission Type A750F
Engine Model 1GR-FE
Engine Size 4000
Fuel Gasoline
Drive 4×4
Auto Parts Maker
Genuine Parts No. 1900031A21


Landcruiser prado 1GR-FE and 2TR-FE CBA-GRJ120W Engine

Landcruiser prado 1GR-FE Engine


Condition Used
Model Landcruiser prado
Product Name 1GR-FE Engine TOYOTA Landcruiser prado 2008 CBA-GRJ120W 1900031A21
Model Code CBA-GRJ120W
Reg. Year/month 2008/12
Mileage 57570
Mission Type A750F
Engine Model 1GR-FE
Engine Size 4000
Fuel Gasoline
Drive  4×4
Auto Parts Maker –
Genuine Parts No. 1900031A21


Design evokes strength and refinement

The basic concept for the new Land Cruiser Prado, based on

TMC’s “vibrant clarity” design philosophy, is a vehicle with a

modern and powerful form suited to both urban and off-road situations.

The designers aimed to create an exterior with the active feel

expected of a four-wheel-drive vehicle and an interior

that is refined and roomy. Landcruiser prado 1GR-FE Engine
Front view shows wide stance with emphasized low center

of gravity, enabling stability
Front and rear fenders are integrated into body-panel structure,

expressing vigor and creating side view with beautifully flowing line
Rear view conveys strength, with hatch door that accents rear form,

while combination taillights and wipers that fold into rear spoiler

convey functionality and stylishness
Combination of horizontal instrument panel and metal-plated,

vertically arranged center instrument cluster with function-prioritized

switch placement conveys refined strength
Optitron meters, formed from two cylindrical metallic-toned rings,

create high-tech feel and provide excellent visibility; multi-information

display placed in center of instrument cluster (between gauges) displays

fuel efficiency, possible cruising distance, and other information
10 body colors are available, including newly-developed Dark Steel Mica

A wide-view front and side monitoring system eliminates the blind spot

immediately in front and to the side of the vehicle, removing need for an

auxiliary mirror on the passenger side front fender, thus creating a more streamlined design.

Landcruiser prado 1GR-FE Engine


Comfortable interior, superb maneuverability and functional equipment


The second-row seats, which fold in a 4:2:4 split, offer enhanced utility

with a 135-mm slide function and, on the left side, walk-in accessibility for

facilitating easy ingress and egress for the third-row seats.

The third-row seats, which fold in a 5:5 split, have, as a world first, a power

flush-with-floor function that automatically moves the seat cushion

backward and folds the seatback forward for floor-flat storage.

Both storing the seats and returning them to their upright position can

be done at the touch of a button. In addition, the floor has been lowered

by approximately 50mm to increase legroom for third-row-seat passengers

and enhance convenience and comfort.

New variable flow control power steering―standard on all models―ensures

excellent maneuverability at low speeds and highly responsive steering at high speeds.


Cup holders at the front of the center console and a center console tray for stowing portable audio devices and mobile phones increases convenience.

The rear door and luggage space achieve a high level of utility.
Glass hatch allows stowage and removal of cargo without opening rear door
Oil damper stay allows hatch-type door to be opened to any position
Luggage utility rails, convenient for securing cargo, added

The Prado Super-Live Sound System, based on a “dotou”2 development theme,

features a 465-watt amplifier and 14 speakers optimally placed throughout

the cabin to create an acoustical space with impressive bass tones, clear high

tones and breadth and depth comparable with 5.1-channel surround sound.





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Toyota Prado: A tale of two engines

Prado is Portuguese for “meadow” isn’t it? Maybe that explains why

Toyota is playing the field by offering both diesel and petrol versions of the model?

Yes, it is true that the word translates to ‘meadow’ or ‘field’.

And yes it is true that Prado, which has just been facelifted,

continues to be offered with a choice of petrol and diesel engines.

Mind you, it’s hardly as if there’s going to be any major sales war

between the two powertrains – while Toyota New Zealand is planning to

sell close to 700 of the turbo-diesel versions next year,

it expects to sell only around 20 of the petrol models.

Makes you wonder why TNZ even bothers with the petrol Prado, doesn’t it?

Well, the quick answer to that question is because it can. And consider this:

Over the wider scheme of things it is probably no skin off Toyota’s nose if

it sells just a few of the petrol Prados, because the availability of both engine

types succeeds in offering the consumer something very important – choice.


That’s the big news about the Prado facelift, right?


It sure is. The 1GD-FTV diesel is the same engine that aboard the newly-launched Hilux ute, which is the second-most popular vehicle in New Zealand right now and poised to make a big push to take over top spot in 2016. So it’s a very important engine that will be enjoyed by thousands of Hilux owners in the future – and by hundreds of Prado owners.

Excuse us while we get a little technical here, but this is important. This new engine, which is both direct-injected and turbocharged, features the world’s first use of what is called thermo swing wall insulation technology. No, we don’t know what that means either, but what we do know is that it helps make the engine a lot more thermally efficient, as in not losing too much energy via cooling losses. We’re told that petrol engines are usually around 25 per cent thermally efficient, diesels up to 40 per cent because of their higher compressions ratios – and that this new Toyota diesel has 44 per cent thermal efficiency.


All this has contributed to some pretty impressive statistics with the engine. At 2.8 litres It might be smaller in displacement than the diesel it replaces, but torque has gone up 9.8 per cent, and fuel efficiency has improved by 5.9 per cent. The new figures are maximum power of 130kW at 3400rpm, maximum torque of 450Nm at 1600-2400rpm, and average fuel consumption of 8.0L/100km.

Frankly, all that leaves the petrol engine just a little bit in the dust. But, as we said before, the choice is there. For those very few Prado buyers who do prefer petrol over diesel, they will be buying in the knowledge that the 1GR-FE engine has served Toyota for many years, the last real update involving installation of dual variable valve timing six years ago. The figures for the 4.0-litre V6 are maximum power of 207kW at 5600 rpm, 381Nm at 4400rpm, and average fuel consumption of 11.6L/100km.


So is the diesel Prado a superior performer than the petrol model?

We wouldn’t say that. First of all, we need to point out that whereas the diesel model is available in three grades – GX, VX and VX Limited – the petrol model only comes in the VX grade and in every respect is identical to its diesel equivalent, apart from the fact that its $89,490 price tag is $1000 more. No, we don’t know why. Apart from that, maybe initially the most significant difference is that on start-up the diesel has an engine note that is a clatter, while the petrol model’s engine note is a sort of whoooosh.

Both models have a six-speed automatic, both have pretty well identical kerb weights, and both are rated to tow a braked trailer of up to 2500kg. They are both nicely quiet in their operation – that’s one of the big things about the new diesel – and both are renowned for their down-and-dirty abilities off the road.



Perhaps the biggest differences between the pair concern economy and the environment. Both have a 87-litre fuel tank, which means that the diesel has a range of more than 1000 km while the petrol model’s range is a lot less than that. The petrol model runs on 91 octane fuel, which means that right now it would cost about $163 to fill from empty. Meanwhile the diesel would cost around $95 to fill from empty – but the Government’s road user charge of $62 per 1000km means the fuel costs are almost identical with these two Prados.

And environmentally? Exhaust emissions are a lot different – the petrol pours 266 grams of CO2 out of its exhaust pipe every kilometre, while the figure for the diesel is 211.


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